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Rock n’ Roll is Dead and Tech Killed It

We have new worries, new anxieties and new struggles, and the adoption of widespread technology has made our world fundamentally different. Our generation does not seek to break down barriers and push limits, but rather to reckon with the technological world and our place within it. Therein lies the key difference — unlike the 60’s and 70’s, our generation does not find meaning in danger. Our generation finds meaning in subtlety. And thus, a great rock band today is one for whom every little detail is a deliberate choice, a signpost directing you to something meaningful and profound. Every chord carefully calculated. Every pause eloquently chosen. Every beat pregnant with significance.

[Opinion] Retiring Homes and Retiring Ideas: An American Fall from Grace

Today we see it fit to discharge our elders into what we call “retirement homes,” little more than waiting rooms for Death’s final embrace, abandoning those who brought us into existence and built the nation and society we so are so blessed to behold. By throwing away our duty to the past, throwing away the experiences of lifetimes, we leave ourselves stranded, with no land in sight, sailing to a desperate future with no grounding in the American spirit and in the practices and values that have brought America from a speck on the Atlantic coast to the world’s sole superpower. Whatever happened to the notion of caring for one’s own instead of giving up and allowing some distant entity to take society’s place? Whatever happened to pride in our shared national heritage? It’s time for us to get back in touch with our roots and bring our elderly home.

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