About Us

Mission Statement

Poorly informed individuals make poor decisions, and the acute combination of information overload and the overwhelming ideological conformity within personalized media bubbles have left citizens ill-equipped to understand and vote on the vast complexities of modern society. The California Review is a digital publication dedicated to vigorous, formal discussion and debate of contemporary news, politics, and culture that encourages vigorous intra-platform debate to encourage the development of writers’ and readers’ abilities to communicate and have a nuanced understanding of current affairs.

While writers are drawn from all across the socio-political spectrum, the integrity of the publication is maintained by adherents of classical liberalism, the precarious, free-thinking ideology upon which the United States was founded and built.

Our Editorial Vision

Classical liberalism isn’t so much an ideology as it is a means of empirically interpreting information to realize appropriate solutions to problems. Government is never the best solution, but sometimes may be the only solution. Capitalism is the most effective means of generating wealth, but limited regulations are necessary to protect the system from itself. An open, individualistic society is a vibrant society until social fabric is threadbare and collective action for vital endeavors is impossible. This is by no means a definitive direction, but that is exactly the point. Ideological prescriptions for every social, political, economic, and cultural ill that are consistent and well-defined may serve parties but they do not deliver results. Rather than tell people what to think, it is more important to teach people how to think.

How We’re Supported

The California Review is proud to use Patreon for its long-term, regular support. Money raised through our Patreon is used exclusively for programming. Though grants are sought out and appreciated, our day to day operations are funded by alumni, readers, and supporters like you. Higher levels of support give supporters everyday access to our operations, and even allow for supporters to fund specific articles and authors. Larger one-time donations are also encouraged, but in order to avoid Patreon’s rather high processing fee, we request that you email kenneth@calrev.org for more information. Donations to The California Review are not tax-deductible (yet). Click here to support us via Patreon!

Writer & Staff Recruitment

Prospective writers and management staff are free to fill out an application here, which requires basic background information and a writing sample. If accepted, you are able to access The California Review’s database of available article ideas, and submit article ideas to section editors. Articles written for The California Review must not have appeared elsewhere, and while authors are free to republish their works written for The California Review anywhere, they must attribute works that originally appeared in The California Review to the publication by ensuring that “This article originally appeared in The California Review” is present in the republished article’s text. We will consider content from quality writers and thinkers from all walks of life.