[Editorial] Governor Newsom, Compassion Means Taking People Off the Streets

What’s keeping beds empty as streets are overflowing are both a lack of inspections to ensure that shelters meet basic federal health codes, and the inability to compel individuals to receive treatment. The first issue is one that can easily be remedied by requiring more frequent inspections, but the second requires that we fundamentally rethink our approach to homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse.

Rock n’ Roll is Dead and Tech Killed It

We have new worries, new anxieties and new struggles, and the adoption of widespread technology has made our world fundamentally different. Our generation does not seek to break down barriers and push limits, but rather to reckon with the technological world and our place within it. Therein lies the key difference — unlike the 60’s and 70’s, our generation does not find meaning in danger. Our generation finds meaning in subtlety. And thus, a great rock band today is one for whom every little detail is a deliberate choice, a signpost directing you to something meaningful and profound. Every chord carefully calculated. Every pause eloquently chosen. Every beat pregnant with significance.

Starbucks, Airpods, and the Fleece Vest: The Rise of Wall Street’s Greatest Fixture

A short stroll down a Manhattan block guarantees the sighting of three things: a dairy-free Starbucks latte, constellations of Apple Airpods, and now, the Patagonia fleece vest. Adorned with a corporate logo, Wall Street’s new favorite apparel has reformed hushed back-office bankers into proud paramilitary units. The color, […]

[Editorial] Ronald Reagan Is Dead and So Is the CAGOP

What the California Republican Party needs is a new generation of leadership determined to take back this state—one wholly separate from the consultants like Chairwoman Jessica Patterson who make their fortunes managing decline, and from the policy and media illiterate baby boomers who, bless their hearts, still cannot get over Ronald Reagan and continue to uphold his—so holy is His name— disastrous, self-serving 11th commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

The Greatest Threat to Professional Sports: Financial Illiteracy

For many professional athletes, the first paycheck is the breakthrough moment that validates their commitment and perseverance. However, what many fail to realize is that what follows this first testament to success is equally, if not more, important for their futures than the journey there.

[Opinion] The Hunt and the Snowflake GOP: We’re Better Than This

In an era when a serious political discussion with those of differing viewpoints is nearly impossible, when attention spans have been reduced to sound bites of 30 seconds or less cut and sold for Instagram and Twitter, film remains one of the only mediums capable of piercing the cloud of anger, distrust, and myopia that hangs over our nation and seeps into every aspect of our lives. Conservatives working themselves up into a frenzy to stop the screening of perhaps the only mainstream Hollywood film that will ever give any level of credence to their beliefs is not only counterproductive but decidedly anti-American.

Georgian Protests: Tbilis’s Two-Sided Conflict

While the conflict in Ukraine’s coverage overshadows Russian coverage in Western media, a new theater may be reopening within the region. Georgia, a key American ally in the Caucuses, is facing internal protests and economic punishments from Russia, and could very well become the next epicenter in the clash between Russian and Western interests.

[Opinion] A Very Small Man: The Sad Legacy of Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA

Indeed, Kirk is not only useless in the campus fight, but actively detrimental to the efforts of true activists. He is everything leftists want a conservative to be: a smug, uncompassionate child of privilege who isn’t nearly as smart as he thinks he is. These are the sorts of derogatory stereotypes that true conservative students have to go to great lengths to disprove.

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