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We are proud to announce that today, July 8th 2018, marks the official rebirth of the California Review.  The California Review was established in 1982 to provide an open forum for political debate, a space for views and beliefs that otherwise would not have adequate, fair representation on college campuses. Today, 36 years after our inaugural issue, this central mission still stands at the core of our ambitions. Fair representation of arguments popular and unpopular must have a place for discussion, especially in today’s campus culture of suppression. To achieve this goal of equity, a clear distinction of biases must be made.

In news reporting, we emphasize truth over emotion. Facts alone are not news; by necessity, journalists must put facts into context, thereby exposing audiences to their own biases. Make no mistake—we editors, in the name of promoting the expansion of an informed citizenry, do our utmost to minimize bias in our reporting.

In opinion and analysis, writers of any denomination are free to express themselves however they wish so long as they provide concrete evidence and reasoning. In the same spirit, satire, short stories, and whatever our contributors can conjure are welcomed with open arms and open minds.

Lastly, editorials are clearly labeled as such and should be regarded as separate from the paper’s other organs. In keeping with the founding spirit of the California Review, our editorials are solely the domain of the classical liberalism that our country was built on. We aim to promote personal liberty and opportunity over government mandates, and freedom of thought over today’s reactionary tribalism—substantive solutions must take precedence over pandering to identity politics.

Reality does not bend to the will of ideological purity more dedicated to self-propagation than to the citizenry it claims to represent.  It is only a more informed people more in touch with reality that can look past the shroud of dogma and adopt the merit-based solutions that our country so desperately needs.

The only business that news should be in is the business of truth. It is the duty of media to highlight not only the issues at hand but to furnish readers with the tools to critically analyze political developments without surrendering to the impulse of knee-jerk reaction that paralyzes our great nation.

For 36 years, the California Review has stood as a bastion of free expression and uncompromised truth. We salute you, our readers, for your unwavering patronage, and it is our utmost hope that we shall be able to continue to uphold this noble tradition and deliver to our readers the facts, the context, and the arguments to make sense of our ever more chaotic world in the months and years to come.

Thank you.

Kenneth Schrupp, Editor in Chief

Aaron Genin, Executive Editor

Isaiah Henderson, News and Analysis Editor

Austin Katz, Opinion Editor


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